Former and Present WFCRW Presidents - Left to Right TC Schwartz, Linda Fenner and Cynthia Butler, 2020 Co-Presidents, and Pam McKinley .

Beverly Malik proudly  models her Trump 2020 Face Mask.  Beverly donated 3 masks as picnic door prizes.  They were a big hit at the picnic!

(Left) David Stegmaier, a longtime WFCRWC associate member, ran for the  Frederick County Board of Supervisors, Shawnee District. Congratulations, Dave, on winning the Republican primary.

David Stegmaier, as a picnic speaker, gave a very passionate assessment on the the state of our country and how, as Republicans, we all need to do our part to preserve our Democracy and our freedoms for the sake of our present generation and for those to follow.

(Below Left) ​​​​Mark and Debbie Berg.  Debbie, our WFCRWC 1st Vice President, and her husband, Mark, explained in detail the various Republican Party of Virginia offices and the nomination process for Party officials and Candidates for office. Mark has good insight in the process, having been a State Delegate and local party leader.  Interesting  advice was given on how to get started and become more active in the Party.

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From the March 4th WFCRWC monthly luncheon.


(Left)  Elaine Holliday, our WFCRWC Treasurer, also ran for the Frederick County Board of Supervisors, Shawnee District.​


​​​At the WFCRW September Membership Luncheon, a bracelate commemorates the 100th  anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

Republican Women's Club

(Above) Bob Hess, Chairman of the Winchester Republican Committee, spoke about becoming a Winchester City Delegate to the 10th District and State Conventions. He also provided information on City offices to be elected in November.

(Left) Blaine Dunn, a Frederick County Supervisor, is a regular participant in the WFCRW monthly meetings.

July WFCRW Social Picnic - Just for fun!